Lunar: The Silver Star is being rereleased again

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Lunar The Silver StarIf you didn’t play the original Lunar any of the three times it was already released in North America, you’re in luck. There’s a very good chance that it could be coming to your PSP very soon. A Japanese enhanced port of Lunar: The Silver Star, being called Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star, will be released in Fall 2009.

Not too long ago, during an RPGamer interview, XSEED’s Ken Berry mentioned that the company was working on “an enhanced remake of a classic PSone RPG.” Siliconera and Joystiq are now both speculating that Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star could be that remake, and I definitely agree.

After all, practically every port of the original Lunar has already been released in the US. We received the original Lunar: The Silver Star on the Sega CD back in 1993. Then in 1999, the PlayStation version called Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete was released with some very nice commemorative goodies. Lunar Legend, the GBA release, was the last to make it to the US in 2002. The only versions North America didn’t get were the 1996 Lunar: Silver Star Story Sega Saturn release.

I’m curious as to whether the PSP version is going to follow the story of the Sega CD, or the Saturn, PlayStation and GBA game. The story changed quite a bit from the original game to the remakes, so it’ll be interesting to see which storyline Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star will follow.

This will probably seem heretical to fans of the original game, but I liked the GBA port Lunar Legend best. Sure, it wasn’t as glamorous and complete as the PlayStation release, but it was portable and fun to play. Part of it is probably pity too. No one ever remembers the GBA port of Lunar.

Read [Siliconera] Via [Joystiq] Also Read [RPGamer]

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