Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker characters appear on Mountain Dew cans

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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker characters appear on Mountain Dew cans

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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Mountain DewDo you love Metal Gear Solid so much that you’d buy a can of soda just because a character from one of the games was on the can? This isn’t just a hypothetical question. Konami and Suntory have teamed up in Japan to promote Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker with Mountain Dew soda.

There are eight different Mountain Dew can designs, each prominently featuring one of the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker characters on it. For example, you can enjoy a Dew with Snake, Huey, Miller or Paz. They won’t have any special flavor – just plain old Mountain Dew. They also will only be sold in Japan, starting April 27, 2010 and cost ¥115 ($1.25). Don’t worry, if you really want a Metal Gear can of Mountain Dew, I’m sure that you’ll eventually be able to find some online store stocking them.

A similar promotion hasn’t been announced for North America or other regions. While it could be a stretch to see Metal Gear Mountain Dew cans in your local store, you never know. Drink promotions aren’t unheard of and there have been God of War and Halo 3 Mountain Dew promotions in the US. Plus, Mountain Dew actually appears as an item in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. We may not get to see the exact same cans, but maybe we’ll see some Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Mountain Dew: Game Fuel in June, 2010 when Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is released here.

The big question is, do you find a can of Mountain Dew with Snake on it more appetizing, less appetizing or just as appetizing?

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