Monster Hunter 4 will only appear on the 3DS

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Monster Hunter 4 will only appear on the 3DS

Every year, Capcom holds a Summer Jam event in Japan. It’s always held in the summer and is a good way to get the word out about new games outside of E3 and the Tokyo Game Show, as it means Capcom gets every fan’s attention. The 2012 Capcom Summer Jam was held this past weekend in Japan and a huge announcement came out of it. It turns out Monster Hunter 4 is in development for the 3DS! Apparently, Capcom’s decided to make Nintendo’s handheld the only system to get Monster Hunter 4.

As with all Monster Hunter games, Monster Hunter 4 will allow players to create a new hunter avatar. You’ll live in a new village which is conveniently located adjacent to some fantastic and varied hunting grounds. You’ll then be able to take missions at the local guild to hunt down certain monsters for rewards. You’ll also be able to craft your own armor and weapons from monster bits and pieces and have a felyne (cat monster-person) companion to help you out. Multiplayer wasn’t discussed or mentioned, but MonHun games always have some kind of multiplayer aspect so I’m sure it’ll be stuffed in there.

Capcom also released a Monster Hunter 4 trailer, so people can get an idea of how this new adventure is going to look on the 3DS. You know, see some of the monsters people will be hunting.

Personally, I’m just glad to see the dude in the trailer has an adorable Felyne companion asisting him. I love felynes!

Monster Hunter 4 will be released in Japan sometime in 2013, so we have a while to wait. Capcom hasn’t said anything about a North American release. Of course, the company’s yet to announce Monster Hunter 3 G, the 3DS port of Monster Hunter 3. Hopefully we’ll get one, or both, games! I mean, it’s not like we could just import them. Thanks again Nintendo, for implementing that region-lock!

For everyone who doesn’t own a 3DS, don’t take this news too hard. Capcom likes to release enhanced ports of its games. I mean, Monster Hunter 3 started out a Wii exclusive, but then Monster Hunter 3 G showed up a few years later on the 3DS. Maybe we’ll see a Monster Hunter 4 G on the Vita or perhaps a console a year or two after the original game.

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