Nier gets to explore The World of the Recycled Vessel in new DLC

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Nier gets to explore The World of the Recycled Vessel in new DLC

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Good news for North American and European gamers who wanted to see the younger, more visually appealing version of Nier that starred in the Japanese exclusive Nier: Replicant – he’s appearing in your games too! You have to pay to see him though, as young Nier is part of a downloadable content (DLC) pack called The World of the Recycled Vessel. And he plays a different role in said DLC than he did in Nier: Replicant – he’s a younger version of daddy-Nier, and not alternate brother-Nier.

The World of the Recycled Vessel focuses on Nier’s wife’s diary entries from when she was infected by the Black Scrawl. If you decide to pay the €6.99 or 560 Microsoft Points (€6.51) to download it from the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live, you get some new adventures and items. You can go through 15 challenge levels to get new costumes and equipment for Nier, Emil and Kainé. (There are two new costumes for each character and three new weapons for Nier.) You also get a new quest to complete. You don’t go through the challenge levels and new quest as old grizzled Nier though, you do so as young and slightly-androgynous Nier.

So far there hasn’t been a North American release announcement for The World of the Recycled Vessel for Nier, just European and a Japanese announcement. European Xbox 360 owners get it May 11, 2010 and PS3 owners get it May 12, 2010. Famitsu reports that it’s May 13, 2010 issue will reveal the May release date for Japan. I’m sure North American will probably be seeing The World of the Recycled Vessel sometime very soon.

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