Nintendo Ultrahand returns in a Japanese Club Nintendo WiiWare game

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Nintendo Ultrahand returns in a Japanese Club Nintendo WiiWare game

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Club Nintendo Japan WiiWare Wii de UltrahandNintendo has a history of offering exclusive games as Club Nintendo rewards, but until now they’ve only been DS games. The latest Club Nintendo Japan reward is the 50 point WiiWare game Wii de Ultrahand. It’s based on the 1966 Nintendo Ultra Hand toy.

The original Ultra Hand plastic toy came with three balls and stands to place the balls on. It made cameo appearances in Wario: Master of Disguise (DS) and Mario Power Tennis (GameCube, Wii).

Wii de Ultra Hand, on the other hand, involves grabbing meat in place of balls. The Wii remote and nunchuk serve as the two handles for the virtual Ultra Hand, and players move the handles in and out to grab meat off a grill before it burns and place it on a plate. You can play it alone or with a single friend.

The 50 points does not, unfortunately, get you a replica Ultra Hand. It only gives you a code to download the WiiWare game. It would have been a nice little extra if it did!

There’s no telling whether this will see a release outside of Japan or not. Nintendo is trying to establish the Club Nintendo promotions outside of Japan though, and the first Club Nintendo Game & Watch DS game was a reward in North America. Also, Wii de Ultra Hand probably wouldn’t be too difficult to translate and localize for worldwide audiences.

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