Phoenix Wright to set up his practice on Japanese iPhones

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Phoenix Wright to set up his practice on Japanese iPhones

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Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 逆転裁判 蘇る逆転Capcom’s kind of lost it. I mean, the company has seriously gone overboard. It’s now porting its popular Phoenix Wright series to pretty much every possible platform. First it was a GBA game, then a DS and PC game, after that came the announcement for the WiiWare port of the first three games and now it’s heading to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The game is going to be a port of the first Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Looks like they’re doing an almost direct port of the DS version, based on the screenshots. Supposedly there will be some special iPhone/iPod Touch only features, but for the most part it’s the same game all over again.

No international release has been announced, but let’s just assume that it’s on the way. After all, all the previous Ace Attorney games have received international releases. Plus, its already all translated. I’m guessing we’ll hear something from Capcom in a week or so, just like we did with the WiiWare port of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Is anyone else a little weirded out that the iPhone/iPod Touch screenshots look almost identical to the DS game? The WiiWare port doesn’t. You’d think Capcom would customize the visuals a bit. Maybe offer a widescreen presentation of images that previously appeared on the DS’ top screen, and a menu to get to other options.

Read [Famitsu (Japanese)] Via [Andirasang]

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