R4 emulator DS carts officially banned in UK

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R4 emulator DS carts officially banned in UK

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r4 ds cart photoNintendo is continuing is ground pound on bootleggers, this time with a win in court against the R4 emulator cartridge.

According to Brit pub Develop, “As of today the popular R4 cards – which are used by thousands in the UK to pirate DS games – are no longer legal to import, advertise and sell anywhere in the UK.” A British high court decided against defendant Playables Limited (UK-based toy company) and its owner, Wai Dat Chan, and determined that it is “illegal for the R4 card to circumvent Nintendo’s security systems in order to play content on the DS.”

The R4 cart (also known as “R4: The revolution for the DS” or the R4DS) is a DS-shaped cart that uses a micro-SD card and fits the DS cart slot. It utilizes software that runs downloaded applications on the DS handheld system, often promising the ability to play game ROMs. The R4 can cost anywhere from $5 to $25, depending on the site selling it and the bundle (many come with a Flash drive with pre-loaded software). The software and micro-SD memory card allows several applications – including games – to be stored on and launched from a single card. There are many clones of the original R4 design which often used the same name.

The R4 cart was banned from sale in Japan in February 2009 and retailers were recently convicted of illegally selling R4 cards in the Netherlands.

The only downside is that homebrew developers rely on the R4 to allow their games to be payed so this type of finding puts a major crimp in their distribution.

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