Sega attending AOU Amusement Machine Expo 2011 and bringing old games

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Sega attending AOU Amusement Machine Expo 2011 and bringing old games

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Hatsune Miku Arcade Version A

Japan’s Amusement Machine Operator’s Union AOU Amusement Expo 2011 is coming up February 18 – 19, 2011 and video game companies are starting to announce whether or not they will show up, and open up their own AOU sites so people can have a hint about what games will be appearing. Sega happens to be just one of those companies. It’s appeared at the AOU for years now, even announcing games there, and has committed to showing up at AOU 2011 with a booth that so far will only have existing games.

The Sega AOU 2011 site has listings and pages for each of the six games the company is bringing to the Expo. If you want action and fighting, you’ll want to head for Border Break: Air Burst, Shining Force: Cross Raid or Virtual Fighter 5: Final Showdown. Sports fans can head to Sega Card-Gen MLB 2010 for some baseball. Finally, fans of the more casual arcade games will be able to sample Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Arcade Version A and Network Taisen Quiz Answer x Answer Live!. All six of the games Sega is bringing are Japan-exclusives, which means you’ll probably never see them in an arcade near you. Unless you live near a really awesome one that imports machines from Japan.

Of course, this is all information from Sega’s preliminary AOU 2011 announcement. It will almost assuredly have new games for attendees to observe and play. Sega always tends to do that. It just likes to keep them a surprise, unlike Konami and Namco, which both have confirmed new games like Jubeat Copious and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for the event. Arcade Heroes is predicting an Initial D arcade game may appear at Sega’s booth. If you happen to be in Tokyo on February 19, 2011, you can stop by if you like. That’s the day AOU 2011 is open to the public.

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