Shenmue is gone again

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Shenmue is gone again

Another blow has been struck against the Sega series Shenmue. Back in 2010, Ysnet created an online, social networking adventure game inspired by the series for Mobage. People rejoiced even though Shenmue World, also known as Shenmue City, wasn’t exactly the game they wanted. They took to their cell phones to play it through Mobage. Now, Shenmue World has gone dark.

On December 26, 2011, Ysnet said Shenmue World was over. There was no explanation for why it was ending, just that it was over. The developer also thanked everyone who did participate for their support and time. Of course, people could have inferred something was awry since the planned Windows and Mac port for Yahoo! Mobage never surfaced.

In Shenmue World, players chose one of six male or female characters as an avatar and then pretty much lived an ordinary life in the Shenmue world. You could take missions from people, which mainly consisted of pressing a button to complete. There were also quests to take, part-time jobs, gachas to play, fights against enemies alone or with friends, events to participate in and an overall storyline.

This is yet another blow to the small, yet devoted, group of Shenmue fans. Since Mobage is just starting to be introduced in North America, many speculated that Shenmue World could eventually be released in English and cause a resurgence in popularity for the series. Alas, it seems that is not to be. Plus, I’m sure seeing the SNS game die within a year isn’t going to convince Sega the series is ready for a revival.

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