Spoiler Alert: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

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Spoiler Alert: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

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There are times where a game is released where you really want to know what happened but you either can’t or don’t want to buy or play it. To help you out, Gamertell offers Spoiler Alert. We’ll play the games and tell you what happened so you don’t have to spend, or waste, your time on it. This week, we’re looking at Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. Prepare to be spoiled.

The latest Kingdom Hearts game, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, is a prequel that’s technically three stories in one. Players follow the adventures of Terra, Ventus and Keyblade Master Aqua as the three battle Unversed monsters that are appearing in all the world and track down Keyblade Master Xehanort, who’s suspiciously disappeared with his apprentice Vanitus.

Since the game is divided into three parts, let’s break down the spoilers into three parts:

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Terra


Terra doesn’t become a keyblade master because he has darkness in his heart, and ends up unwittingly assisting multiple Disney villains in his quest to find Master Xehanort. Xehanort also has tried to convince him that he must accept the darkness within him to get stronger. He does help Aqua when possible, telling her to assist the Princesses of Heart, and urges Ven to return to the Land of Departure, but also tries to keep away from both Ven and Aqua to keep from harming them with the darkness within him. He meets Riku at the Destiny Islands, and agrees to make him his apprentice when the time comes. Near the end of his story, he comes to the Land of Departure just as Eraqus is about to erase Ven, and defeats him. After this happens Master Xehanort kills Eraqus, destroys the Land of Departure and tells Terra to meet him at the Keyblade Graveyard.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Ven


Ven’s story begins with a memory/dream of him at the Destiny Islands, with Master Xehanort hovering over him. His Awakening area is also incomplete, until Sora offers to assist him. Xehanort brought him to Eraqus, where he became the third apprentice. He isn’t allowed to take part in the Keyblade Master examination, like Terra and Aqua, and can only watch. After the exam, Vanitus approaches him and hints that Terra will be consumed by darkness. This prompts Ven to leave the Land of Departure, even though he shouldn’t. His adventures are largely more exploratory and light-hearted, though he does often find himself assisting the various worlds’ denizens in the battle against Unversed. We eventually learn that he was initially Master Xehanort’s apprentice, and that Xehanort made Vanitus out of Ventus’ darkness. Xehanort wants to use Vanitus and Ventus to create the legendary X-Blade keyblade. Ven returns to the Land of Departure to discuss everything with Master Eraqus, which prompts Eraqus to try and erase Ven to save the world and keep the X-Blade from being created. Terra steps in and saves Ven, sending him to the Destiny Islands, where Vanitus tells him to go to the Keyblade Graveyard.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Aqua


Aqua becomes a Keyblade Master after Master Eraqus administers the exam. She’s sent out to search for Xehanort as well, but Eraqus also asks that she keep an eye on Terra and find Ven, who went off on his own after Terra. She learns from Terra that Xehanort is after the Princesses of Heart, and also takes on the task of helping the seven princesses strengthen their hearts. She ends up meeting Kairi, and assists her in becoming stronger. She also meets Sora and Riku and can tell Sora is tied to Ven, and that Riku has the same susceptibility as Terra. She tells Sora to watch over Riku. She then finds Mickey and they head to Yen Sid’s tower. There, she hears Master Eraqus has been killed by Master Xehanort, and heads to the Keyblade Graveyard.


Terra, Ven and Aqua meet up at the Keyblade Graveyard, where Master Xehanort is waiting. This part begins with the battle that was the secret movie in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Ven is frozen and Aqua is knocked out, leaving only Terra. Terra momentarily allows the darkness to overtake him, and Xehanort takes Terra’s body in this instant. Terra’s emotions and sense of duty go into his armor, becoming the Lingering Sentiment (KH II Final Mix‘s secret boss) and defeats Xehanort in Terra’s body. Ven recovers and fights Vanitus. After the battle, he discovers the Unversed were created when Vanitus was made, and the two fuse into the X-Blade that Xehanort desired. Aqua and Mickey then defeat the X-Blade.

Mickey and Aqua awake at Yen Sid’s where Aqua learns Ven’s heart is gone because of the fusion. His heart has returned to Sora, and Sora agrees to let him in and keep him safe. But, Ven’s body is now an empty shell. Aqua carries Ven to the Land of Departure and places him inside, in what will become the Chamber of Awakening. She then uses Master Eraqus’ keyblade to turn the Land of Departure into Castle Oblivion.

Aqua then goes to Radiant Garden to confront Xehanort in Terra’s body. They battle, and she defeats him. Xehanort and Terra have a battle of wills during Aqua’s battle with Xehanort, and we learn that Terra is harboring Master Eraqus’ heart. Terra seals his own heart, so Xehanort has no access to it. Terra-Xehanort start to fall into the Realm of Darkness, but Aqua dives in after them. She sacrifices her armor and keyblade, using them to send Terra out of the darkness, to safety. Xehanort is awakened by Ansem in Radiant Garden, with amnesia, and becomes one of his apprentices.

Aqua then wanders the Realm of Darkness until she one day meets up with Ansem the Wise. He tells her that all hope lies with Sora. We then see Sora at the Destiny Islands with Riku and Kairi, saying he has to go out again to save everyone.

If you’re looking for a real spoiler, watch KH13.com’s video of the secret ending:
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