Square Enix’ next game is Gunslinger Stratos, uses Orochi Engine

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Square Enix’ next game is Gunslinger Stratos, uses Orochi Engine

The Summer 2012 arcade release of Gunslinger Stratos is getting close, which means more details about the game’s abilities and development process are trickling out. Square Enix and Byking just revealed a pretty interesting tidbit today, in fact. It turns out this arcade shooter was made using the Orochi Engine developed by Silicon Studio. It was used to speed up development and make the game generally look better.

Gunslinger Stratos should feel familiar for people who play light gun games. You battle various things, shooting like crazy in the hopes you’re the last one standing. The twist is that here, you have two guns. You can then arrange them to use both at once, use a side-arm style gun or use a huge rocket launcher. Those are just general ideas though, as there will be tons of guns and each playable character has different armory options.

Not to mention it will have tons of multiplayer options. You can team up for cooperative play against the computer or other groups of players. You could also go for one on one versus matches. There are also single player missions, for people who prefer to play alone or who want to battle with people around the nation.

The Orochi Engine was used to make 3D Dot Game Heroes for the PS3. It is also going to be put to work on the Vita. Most notably, the engine is designed to make it easy to port arcade games to consoles. So if Square Enix is going to be using it for arcade games, then it could make it much easier to create home versions of said games.

Odds are, we’ll never see this in North America, but you never know. Gameworks and other arcades sometimes will import Japanese machines. Or, Gunslinger Stratos could be a surprise hit and Square Enix could decide to make a console port. For now, just look on in envy.

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