Telling if a PS2 is compatible with Japanese games?

December 30, 2009 - 7:58 pm 1 Comment
C.J. asked:

I recently looked on ebay to find a copy of ‘Kingdom Hearts Final Mix’ and most of the results came with this note: Please be reminded that this game will only work on a PlayStation 2 that plays JAPANESE games.
I wanted to check to see if my ps2 supports Japanese games, but i don’t know how to check. A little help, please?

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One Response to “Telling if a PS2 is compatible with Japanese games?”

  1. msifit119 Says:

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    Unless you are using a Japanese PlayStation 2 itself you will need to have a modded PS2 to play these games. If you have an off the shelf NT-SC model then you will not be able to play the Japanese games without said mod being installed. I’m pretty sure it’s the same for European models, although I have no personal experience there.

    A mod can run you between $40 – 60 USD and requires you to install it inside of your PS2, requiring soldering and can permanently damage your console if you mess it up. It’s also how people play custom Guitar Hero songs on their console.

    Hope that helps!

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