TGS 2010: Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII headed to Japan with Easy Mode

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TGS 2010: Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII headed to Japan with Easy Mode

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Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Chocobo Screenshot

Square Enix decided it’s time to release an enhanced version of Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox 360 in Japan. Just in time for the 2010 Tokyo Game Show too! I guess that was one of the previously announced, secret games Square Enix was hoping to surprise people with. Japan was the only region not to get an Xbox 360 version of the game, until now. (It was a PS3 exclusive there.)

The Japanese Xbox 360 version of FFXIII will be playable at Square Enix’s booth at TGS 2010, though attendees may not be able to see the changes in the demo. Instead of just bringing the Xbox 360 version released worldwide, with Japanese voice acting and subtitles, Square Enix has added a new feature – Easy Mode.

Easy Mode is designed to make battling and equipment enhancing more user friendly. The computer controlled players are better fighters and supporters and it’s supposed to be even easier to reach enemies breaking points so battles move faster. Players who choose to turn Easy Mode on during play will also be able to earn more items from battles and have an easier time upgrading equipment.

Also, like most “International” editions of Square Enix games, the Japanese version of FFXIII will allow players to choose between Japanese and English voice acting.

I, for one, wholeheartedly welcome a version of FFXIII with Easy Mode. Not because the enemies or battles are too difficult. No, it’s because I am playing through the North American PS3 version right now and have had little to no opportunity to upgrade my character’s equipment. The item drop rate is terrible and there are too few opportunities to credit and incentive chips to buy store-bought items for enhancement. Even after spending four hours level-grinding and item-hunting, I’ve found on the final chapter of the game with Lightning, Fang and Vanille wielding low-level upgraded Flamberge, Dragonhorn and Marlboro Wand.

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