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The games from the land of the rising sun are some of the most intriguing, interesting and quirky games ever made. Sometimes the games make it to our shores but most of the time they don’t. Some of us would love to get our hands on these japanese games and we do sometimes we don’t. There are many who like to import games but just don’t. Why? Because they don’t know a lick of Japanese.  Of course there are some import friendly titles which don’t require you to know japanese to enjoy the games. But, then there are there are the truly immersive japanese games and titles that you simple won’t enjoy without knowing the language.

What do you do? Pay for some one to translate the game? Pray for it to come overseas and nothing is lost in translation? You could always learn japanese, right?  Thousand dollar college course, Rosetta Stone? Way to expensive.  Alas my friends there is hope and that hope is Rocket Japanese.  This software package is so efficient at what it does when had to make a post about it.  We get asked every day from our visitors about this problem and nothing else has proven itself time and time again.  Immediately gamers see results and experience these imports the way they were meant to be enjoyed. Japanese games never sounded better when you can understand what the characters are saying and it only will cost you $99 bucks.  A lot cheaper than the costly Rosetta Stone coming in at a heafty $229 dollars and the full course is $499. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself -> http://www.rosettastone.com/learn-japanese OK, enough of about Rocket Japanese, but if your serious about imports, do yourself a favor pick up a copy.  Enjoy the rest of the site!

Begin learning and open up the door to Japanese games

Begin learning and open up the door to Japanese games

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