What do I need to play Japanese PS2 Games?

June 16, 2010 - 12:33 am 3 Comments
Ryan asked:

Ok I want to import some Japanese games but I heard that you cant play them on a US PS2. So before I waste a bunch of money buying crap I dont need, could someone tell me what I need to play Japanese games on a PS2 or if it’s be easier to just buy a Japanese PS2?

The way imports are made to be played – Rocket Japanese!

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  1. GMI Says:

    No Idea what’s being said? – Grab Rocket Japanese!

    It’s one thing to buy a Japanese region PS2, but that’d cost you a lot. A good alternative to buying another PS2 is getting a SwapMagic. It tricks the PS2 into letting you play any regioned game and backups (on blank CD/DVDs). If you have an original PS2, then you just need to make a small modification on the disc tray (by that, I mean snapping the front cover of the tray off). If you have a slim PS2, you need to make a different modification, which I do not know of.

    Check this video for a tutorial on how it works:

  2. henry c Says:

    No Idea what’s being said? – Grab Rocket Japanese!

    buy swap magic. they will play imports. err buy swap magic and a slide card. or get your ps2 modded.

  3. John Koji S Says:

    i think buying another ps2 is waist of money you should buy a PS3
    and Call of Duty 4 or Gta4.

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