Why are Japanese games partly in English sometimes?

December 18, 2009 - 12:42 am 2 Comments
Mr. Schnoz asked:

Seriously! If you only knew Japanese you would have to learn to speak English to play video games. They even do it on the newest games and the oldest games! Why?
Some games are completely in English yet were only released in Japan.

japanese games

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2 Responses to “Why are Japanese games partly in English sometimes?”

  1. anime_otaku Says:

    Learn Japanese Now

    heres the thing compaines who make the games make them
    in japanese and the worlds most popular language
    english its rare to find japanses games in the US japanses people dont make there games into torrent becuse they are really cheap in japan and only US people who buy them and make them into torrents so you only find japanses games in japan not on the net
    i lived in japan 5 years believe me

  2. violentskies13 Says:

    Those words have become part of the Japanese language, just like in English we use words from other languages but might not realize it (menu, cafe, typhoon, etc.) With computers and games, I think that’s the area that has spread the most English words around the world. Even though Japanese use so many English words and are required to learn it in high school, it doesn’t mean they can speak it or want to learn. Not everyone likes how English is creeping in everywhere and the French are trying to stop it, for example.

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